About us

Radanovic Invest Group was founded in 2005 and our main activity is construction works. We have gained big experience in the construction of various types of residential and commercial buildings, apartment-tourist facilities and the construction of luxury facilities-villas.
In addition to performing construction work for our clients, the company is engaged in investments, building and selling our own real estates and making and designing furniture.
The foundation of our company is a large family tradition in construction. The Radanovic family comes from the village of Mokrina near Herceg Novi, known for its excellent builders, especially bricklayers and stone craftsmen with a tradition that goes back a long way in history.

Radanović investment o nama


As an exclusive construction company from Montenegro, Radanovic Invest Group has dominated the construction industry since 1860. Radanovic Montenegro builders provide their clients with high expectations, priority and excellent service. In Montenegro, Radanovic Interest Group is a company unique in that it professionally renovates old and dilapidated houses, and brings in the 'old' look the latest developments in the field of construction.

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From the offer of our real estate we highlight the following: